Flexibility to book what you need, and earn what you want.

tappON's flexible pricing model is designed so that members can receive value for supports they need, and Support Professionals can earn more for their hard work.

We believe you should have freedom over your finances, and the tools to effectively manage how you work.

tappON works with multiple funding avenues, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Aged and Home Care Packages, as well as privately paying individuals. 

tappON’s pricing model is simple, Support Professionals choose their hourly rates, these are then displayed on their profile. Individuals can then book them directly at this rate, or negotiate privately for a more suitable price. The Support Worker will then get paid the agreed rate, less 20%. No hidden or extra costs. 

How does tappON stack up?

This is a typical overview of the average rates charged by Support Professionals through the tappON Platform.
Book support services from $30/hr.

The above graphic and information is a guide only, we recommend doing some research into what is the most suitable for your circumstances. 

tappON also works with a wide range of Allied Health Therapists providing services such as Physiotherpay, Occupational Therapy, and Art Therapy. 

Due to the nature of the wide range of service provided and education levels there is a range in prices charged for these specific services. 

If you are unsure on what rate is most appropriate for a specific service, we recommend referring to the NDIS Pricing Guide. 

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday rates may also be applicable for all shifts if the Support Professional chooses to include them in their service offering.

You can view rates on a Support Professionals profile

tappON only charges a 20% service fee, which is deducted at the time of transaction. We do not have another reoccurring fees, extra hidden costs and we will never freeze your NDIS funding

You are more than welcome to negotiate directly with a client for a lower hourly rate. Many users do this when booking in guaranteed regular shifts. 

If you wish to discus an alternate rate with a Support Professional you can confidentially message them and if you both agree to a rate please email support@tappon.co and we can set up a booking with an alternate rate. 

A successful relationship relies on communication.

tappON’s system exists to empower members to find their right fit to achieve their goals, while support professionals earn an income providing services they love. By giving users the tools to communicate and being upfront & clear on rates, tappON means less time spent worrying about costs and more time to focus on support.

We always recommend having a conversation with the member you’re working with to ensure you both agree on rates for services provided. By keeping your rates or your service offering competitive it helps you stand out in the tappON community and increases your chances of winning work.

If you are a business that employs support professionals and want to have their profiles listed in tappON’s community, please contact us for further information. We love supporting small business, and encourage you to get in touch. 

Need help setting rates?

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