Gardening & Maintenance Services

tappON has a range of Support Professionals who can assist with gardening and lawns or any maintenance required around the home.

What are Gardening and Maintenance Services?

Gardening and Maintenance Services are for when you need someone o attend to your lawns, whether it be a one off or ongoing. These tappOn Support Professionals may also assist with any maintenance jobs you have around the home but cannot attend to yourself including changing lightbulbs, fixing doors and small odd-jobs. 

Some of our tappON Professionals are skilled in specific areas and may be able to assist with more intense jobs like rubbish removal and landscaping. If you have a more specific task at hand you can directly chat with your Professional and agree upon a quote or hourly rate. tappON verifies all Professionals on the platform so you can be assured you are working with a professional. 

Looking for something else?

tappON has a range of services to support your home health goals. 


Domestic Support

Help to get your house sparkling clean


Personal Care

Assistance with your Activities of Daily Living


House & Yard Maintenance

Gardeners and tradies to help with any task at hand.


Social & Community

Get involved and out and about in the community



Bookkeepers & Administrative support .


Allied Health Therapy

Physio, OT, Speech, Art Therapy & more.

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