Overcome stress & confusion in your daily life.

Use your NDIS funding to build a support team that works with you.

Unsure of how you can best manage your NDIS and maximise your supports? 

Discover how you can reach your goals and empower yourself to do more by finding like-minded support professionals who can assist you in getting the most of your funding. 

tappON gives you a way to book and pay support professionals directly, without the hassle of having to employ them. Use your NDIS or Disability funding to its full potential – with complete choice and control. 

We provide a safe, easy to navigate community that can have you feeling your best and taking back control over your day. 

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Therapies & Allied Health

Book a range of allied therapy providers directly into the home avoiding the pain of unsuitable appointment times.

Personal Care Services

Find Personal Care Support Professionals who are suitable and educated to meet your individual care needs. 


Social & Community

Learn a new skill, begin a hobby or go out and do something you’ve always wanted with a social support professional.

Reach your goals & discover what you can achieve with your NDIS plan

Our goal is to empower you to achieve your goals and understand how you can make your NDIS funding work for you. Participants now have total choice and control over their funds, something many have never had before and it can be quite daunting to attempt to make it work for you. 

tappON was designed to let you explore that choice and control, but not have to worry about the administrative side of the equation.  By giving you the tools to design and create you own support team from a variety of disciplines you can create a holistic support network from your own home. 

Easy to use and no lock in contracts. Use your NDIS funding how and when you want.

tappON has over 10 years lived experience with a disability and come from a background in healthcare. That’s why we strive to help individuals understand and manage their NDIS plan and effectively managing their support team. 

The NDIS was built not just to access personal care services, but so individuals could begin accessing a multitude of services and begin participating in the community like never before. 

That’s why tappON offers Support Professionals from a variety of disciplines, giving you the option to try and explore new things – finding out what does and doesn’t work for you – with no lock in contracts or minimum terms. If you don’t enjoy a service, simply dont book again

Want to know more about how tappON can help you?

If you’re looking for ongoing supports, or someone to fill in a shift every so often –  then give us a call today to see how tappON can help you.

No commitment, no joining fee, and no contracts. Simply find, book, and manage, your support professional online.

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