What is Advocacy?

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Advocacy is when an individual or group acts, speaks or writes on the behalf of another.  Advocates help individuals achieve goals, argue against decisions made and is a voice for someone. 

Advocacy is huge in both the NDIS and Home Care systems, with thousands of vulnerable persons needing someone to be their voice. 

Advocates can be informal such as family members or friends, or one can choose to engage the services of an advocacy group whose sole purpose is to assist individuals. Many providers and workers in the NDIS and Home Care systems are willing to advocate and help individuals. 

What does an Advocate do?

An advocate is there to ensure that an individual’s voice is heard and they are being treated with respect and dignity. An advocate is also there to make sure that you understand your rights and are fully informed about what options are available to you. 

 An Advocate can help an individual  with a number of tasks including –
  • Writing documents for submission
  • Preparing for Plan Reviews 
  • Understanding documentation & decisions provided by the NDIA or My Aged Care
  • Decide if an appeal if the right decision and help with the appeal process
  • Assist with NDIS and Home Care applications – preparing documentation and providing the right language on applications. 
  • Assisting with complaints or issues against providers. 

When can I get an advocate?

Chances are you already have one, a family member, spouse, or friend.  Sometimes, you might need to engage a more formal advocate who knows how to assist with complex forms and language. Sometimes you need someone if you can’t ask your informal network for support. 

You are more than welcome to ask for help at any time. Navigating these systems can be tricky and take a toll on you mentally. It’s always a great idea to have someone whether it be informally or a formal organisation. 
You can read more about Advocacy here: https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/participants/disability-advocacy

The tappON team is here to support you always. If you are having troubles with the NDIS or a Home Care Package and need some guidance, please contact us today.

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