Case Study – Virtual Supports with Kim

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Virtual Support has allowed hundreds of individuals to remain connected to their local community, and continuing to receive their essential support. 

One of our tappON clients, Kim began to have virtual  sessions with her tappON Support Professional, Angela. 

Kim became sick and decided to self isolate as a precaution, she and Angela began to transition to virtual sessions. This was to ensure Kim would not lose any of the amazing progress she had made and could continue on her journey. She then began using a blend of in-person and virtual services, giving her more flexibility in her support schedule. 

We spoke with Kim and asked her how she found her transition to virtual services and what are the main benefits. 

Q: Did you find it difficult to begin using virtual support? 

No, it was so much easier than using a 3rd party. The nervousness and anxiety was high at the start as it was a new thing. However the whole thing was easy. It was great to see my support worker already and I didn’t have to wait around for her. It was nice to experience her life too.

Q: How did you find the support? Was it the same as if you were in person? 

It does depend on the dynamic of the Support Worker. I was achieving the same goals. I was glad to receive the same support that I would have in-person.

Q: Would you continue to use virtual support or a blend of virtual and in-person support?

I prefer in person as I have an auditory processing disorder but it was very helpful when sick. When I am sick or fatigued it is a great resource to spend time with my supports. This way I can chat with them but can rest at home. 

Q: Are there any other types of supports you could consider exploring to receive virtually?

I currently do physiotherapy via virtual, so would be open to more allied health services to avoid the travel fee.

Q: Would you recommend virtual supports to other individuals?

Yes, it helped me at a time when I was isolated and helped me remain connected and feel like I had a voice and someone to assist me. 

We are happy to have a free virtual setup session to get you started. We will walk you through how a session should run and what you can expect. You can book this in here – https://meetings.hubspot.com/genevieve1 or get in touch today.

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