Benefits of being your own boss

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In recent times you may have heard about the emergence of the ‘gig economy’ but are unsure of what it means or if it is the right fit for you.  

The ‘gig-economy’ refers to an emerging type of employment where workers are those whose who work on a contractual or freelance basis. You are classed as a ‘sole trader’ in the eyes on the government and essentially work for yourself. Whilst this isn’t a new concept, the purpose of the gig economy is an individual manages their own work and ABN but typically has access to a pool of clients specific to an industry – supplied by an organisation.

The reason Australia has seen a significant rise in this style of work is because of the freedom it can offer. Individuals have the ability to set their own schedule and choose when and where they wish to work. This is particularly appealing to those who have study schedules or parents with children who only wish to work between school hours. Working within the gig economy gives the individual the flexibility to work as little or as many hours as they wish, allowing them to spend more time studying or looking after a family.

The Disability Workforce Report reported that 43% of the those working in the disability sector were casually employed compared to only 12% full-time employees in March 2017. With the current national rollout of the NDIS this casual rate is set to increase.

Working within the gig economy can also provide individuals with the opportunity to earn a higher income than the standard set wage in their industry. tappON offers its contractors an hourly rate which is higher than the standard wage offered by traditional home care agencies and don’t restrict the number of hours you can work.

With tappOn you have the flexibility to book jobs between their preferred hours and only travel as far as they want, allowing for more flexibility and freedom in one’s life.

Sign up today at tappON to find out more about how you can work for yourself and have control over your schedule.

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