Self Managing a Home Care Package

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Self Managing a Home Care Package is a trend we are seeing more of in the Aged Care system. The Aged Care Act states that consumers can choose the level of engagement they have over their own package. 

Why Self Manage my Home Care Package?

Self management is a way to give consumers more flexibility and choice around what supports they need. The benefits include

  • Greater control on funding purchases and decisions
  • Flexibility with choosing support professionals and their team
  • Ability to directly choose what services, supports and activities 
How do I get started with Self Managing?

A great place to start is to have the discussion with your provider and your team and find out whether they already support self management. 

  • How are you or your family member currently managing your care package?
  • What are your current needs, how are they being met?
  • Are there other supports or activities that you enjoy that you haven’t been able to access yet?

The benefits of self management in home care packages is that you are more engaged in the day to day tasks in your home care.

Like any new system it can be overwhelming, but don’t stress, your providers are still involved in supporting you. Taking a partnership approach to your care means that there is a greater level of transparency on what you want and then a discussion with your supports to determine how they can assist and support you. 

Steps you can take today:
  1. Reach out to your provider and let them know you want to learn more about self-management
  2. Check if you are prepared and determine your care and support needs moving forward (if you want some resources contact the tappON team here
  3. Decide what roles each of your team members are taking in supporting you. It is helpful to keep a record and communicate with your team effectively. 
  4. Speak to someone who has done self management to learn from their experience. 

Finding a place to coordinate some or all of your supports can be sometimes overwhelming with so many options available today. We recommend you do your research and take your time in choosing. It’s important to remember you can always switch providers if you are unhappy.

If you would like some more information on organising your supports, and tools to help you manage contact the tappON Customer Relations team for some assistance on 02 9158 6163 or via email at support@tappon.co 

For more resources on Self Managing a Home Care Package head to My Aged Care.

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