Receiving Social Supports on tappON

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If you’re looking to get out of the house, be more involved in your community or learn or pursue a new hobby, now is the time. You can use your NDIS or other funds for so much more than just day to day personal care. What exactly does using your funds for social supports and booking someone to assist you mean?

Social Supports is booking an individual who can help you out in the community or in the home in a social capacity, for example learning a new skill or engaging with an event or others.

This means you can engage tappON social support professionals to help with going to the shops or if you would like to be taken to the cinemas. In fact, our tappON professionals can assist you with almost anything. Social Supports are designed to keep you engaged with your local community, relieve any boredom and help you pursue your interests.  We have workers who can teach you to play the guitar, go to the beach, learn to skate or how to cook. The possibilities are endless.

tappON’s social support professionals have been personally verified by a member of the tappON team and are passionate about helping others, often having a particular skills or interest they would like to share with someone.

If you’re eligible you can also take your Support Professional and use your ‘Companion Card’ for only single price entry. If you’d like to know more about this scheme read our blog post here: https://about.tappon.co/what-is-a-companion-card/(opens in a new tab)

if you’re looking to get out into your community and start reaching your goals, tappON social support professionals are here to help you. Achieving your goals has never been easier. Get in contact with a tappON team member today to explore your options.

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