Looking to provide Social Support?

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If you’re looking to be more involved in your community and help other but not quite sure where to start or how you can, social supports may be for you. tappON connects individuals who are looking to provide supports to those with a disability or aged needs who are looking for some extra support.

Social Supports is assisting an individual out in the community or in the home in a social capacity, for example learning a new skill or engaging with an event or others.

This means that as a tappON social support professional, you can help someone with going to the shops or to be taken to the cinemas. In fact, our tappON professionals assist with almost anything.

Our latest Social Support Professional is a university student and has found that doing supports on tappON allows him the flexibility to work in between study, but still do some rewarding work with those who require some assistance.  

Social Supports are designed to keep those who are at risk of isolation engaged with their local community, relieve any boredom, and help them pursue any interests they may have. We have Support Professionals who teach members to play the guitar, take individuals to the beach, learn to skate or how to cook. The possibilities are endless.

tappON’s social support professionals are confident individuals who are comfortable with interacting with others and enjoy making new friendships. We accept workers from all walks of life and ensure you’re matched with the right individuals.

So if you have a skill, or an interest and you want to share your passion, or want to make  meaningful connections and improve someone’s day, then social support may be for you. If you’re looking to get out into your community and start helping others, get in contact with a tappON team member today to explore your options.

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