How to optimize your tappON profile

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First impressions do count and when managing an online profile, you want to showcase your best self. The tappON platform allows you to present yourself to potential users and showcase your qualifications. Now that you’re competing amongst other support workers, we’ve put together our best tips for creating a great profile.

  1. Show yourself off!

Having a great profile picture is the first step to creating a profile. Users are more likely to select your profile if there’s a profile picture on the account. We recommended putting up a professional picture that reflects who you are. You should also:

    • Smile! Show off that amazing smile of yours. This way you look more approachable and friendly.
    • Showcase yourself – This is a space to sell yourself, so try to make sure your photo is one just of you.
    • Dress to impress –  Dress in clean and professional looking clothes. This is your professional headshot.

Photos are one of the most important aspects when creating your tappON profile, so make sure you put your best face forward.

  1.  Showcase your strengths and your personality!

The bio is a chance for you to express who you are. The aim of tappON is to allows users to connect based on personality and to make a real connection with someone – not just provide care.

  • Chat about your likes and dislikes – This allows users with similar interests to connect and have meaningful conversations and connection.
  • Showcase your strengths – Whether you’re skilled in wound care or domestic cleaning – don’t be afraid to talk about your strengths. Talk about your other skills whether you can cook or speak Japanese, a user might find these endearing qualities and want to book you.
  • Be very clear and concise – specify what your qualifications are and what you are competent in completing. This way a user will be able to evaluate whether you can provide the right level of care for them.
3. Add in all your qualifications, skills and interests. 

Our profile have the ability for you to add all of your qualifications, skills, education, and interests. This gives potential clients a greater overview about you and your education or interest may persuade them to book you.


4. Provide accurate information –

When talking about what services you can provide and choosing tasks – be completely honest. You must be transparent with users so they can efficiently select a support worker that can provide the right level of care or service they require.

Remember you can provide more than one type of assistance, so if you’re a whiz at bookkeeping, love taking people on social trips, or have experience in domestic work – talk about these skills as well. Users often hire workers who can assist them with multiple tasks.

If you find you cannot provide a certain task – we are happy to assist you in finding further education for you. Please feel free to contact us at any time for help and advice.

Making the most out of your tappON profile is the key to getting users to notice you and book your services. Spending time on it and following these steps will improve your chances of being selected for a job.

If you are having troubles creating your profile – go check out our FAQ’s at support.tappon.co

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