Managing payments with tappON

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tappON has become even more accessible with 2 different ways to fund your home health supports. After listening to valuable feedback from our customers, tappON has decided to split payment into 2 seperate ways; via invoice or Credit Card.

tappON members can use a nominated credit/debit card and receive a receipt for personal records, or to claim a reimbursement from your government funding.

If you choose to have a third party pay on your behalf by either Direct Debit or Invoice, after choosing your Support Professional , tappON will generate an invoice outlining services provided to your chosen Plan or Case Manager.

We do require all users who are using our invoicing option to have a Service Agreement between yourself and your chosen Support Professional. We can assist a template which outlines all policies, rights, and responsibilities.

tappON aims to be accessible for all and understand that different members manage finances in different ways. All invoices or receipts from tappON are in line with the standards set by the NDIA and all Plan Managers.

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