Importance of setting up a daily routine

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The importance of setting up a daily routine can be extremely beneficial to improving daily life and effectively managing tasks. Setting up and following a daily routine can be beneficial to both ones mental and physical health and help make sense of sometimes confusing situations and help prepare for the unexpected. 

It gives you a clear goal for the day/week – 

Firstly, a routine is useful as it gives an individual an idea and purpose to each day. Instead of feeling lost, and not sure what the next step should – you can have a clearly laid out day, allowing you to be active mentally and physically throughout the day and help to feel accomplishment at the end of each day or week. 

By knowing what you are going to be doing throughout the week or throughout the day, you can also work towards bigger goals, setting aside time to help achieve whatever it is your reaching for. This could be doing half an hour of practice a day if looking to master a new skill or pushing yourself to do something you have tried before once a week to build up confidence. 

Routine can help when times get tough –

A routine can be significantly beneficial to keep you grounded in times where you are finding it a bit tough. Having a routine to follow can help to cope with change and anything life can throw at you. 

Know who is coming to help and you and when – 

By planning our your schedule it also will give you some knowledge about who exactly is coming to provide support and when. This will help eliminate any unfamiliarity and stop the revolving door of people into your life. Having consistency in a care schedule also makes it more comfortable dealing with your support team and can lead to a better standard of care. 

Sleeping routine – 

It goes without saying that a sleeping routine is essential to everyday life. Ensuring that you are getting a decent amount of sleep each night but also at decent times (not going to bed at 3 am and waking up at 2 pm) is essential to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind. 

Lack of sleep can cause stress, major fatigue, depression and sleeping at odd hours can lead to feelings of isolation. It’s important to maintain a decent sleep schedule and ensure you adhere to it. There are many apps out there that can track your sleep and give you a basic idea on what your sleeping pattern looks like, you can find out more here: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/06/the-10-best-apps-to-help-you-get-a-good-nights-sle.html 

Daily exercise and diet routine – 

It’s also important to ensure you have a decent routine of exercise and diet. Making time to move each day ha benefits that literally last a lifetime. Ensuring you move for even 20 minutes a day (within your capacity to do so – if this is unsafe or difficult for you specifically, please ensure you see a professional and/or have some supervision) can benefit bone health, blood flow and cardiovascular health and is substantially important for the brain. Diet is also a major factor in routine, ensuring that you are meeting your daily requirements and eating enough fruit, vegetables, and protein. tappON highly recommends doing a food plan for the week – and setting up what you will have for breakfast lunch and dinner each day.

Take time for yourself – 

Having a routine means you should also ensure you take time for yourself, whether that be to relax with a book, or go out with some friends or participate in a hobby that makes you happy. It’s important to have some downtime and to relax, having a routine doesn’t mean your life has to be structured and rigid, it means that you should have a plan and a goal to help you maximise each day and maintain a healthy better life.  

Should you need some help in planning a routine, a tappON Concierge Professional can help you plan your day and know what you support you want and when. Find out more at https://about.tappon.co/contact

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