How to take your tappON Profile Photo

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Welcome to the tappON community. Thank you for taking the time to maintain a quality standard in our community by going through our registration process. To get you up and running through tappON we encourage everyone takes the time investing in their profile. This is how your clients will find you and learn about what services you provide, your skills, qualifications and interests. 

Why is a good profile important?

First impressions matter, when a prospective client is looking for a service they are on tappON to find something that helps solve an urgent need; whether it is a support worker to take them out shopping, someone to assist with some personal care or to an occupational therapist to get an assessment done. Every service is equally important to a tappON member, and if they find your profile you want the best chance for them to reach out to communicate with you and book your services. 

Step 1: Submit your details to the tappON team and get registered for the platform

You are your business when you offer services, people looking for support want to get to know what skills, experience and interests you have. Connecting with someone on both similar interests but different skills can help our members develop areas of their life they have set goals in. tappON gives you the platform to advertise your experience and skills. If you have a team that you are listing via tappON each support professional will be linked to your account but it is important to set them up for success. 

Step 2: Update your skills and work preferences

From your home page navigate to the top right-hand side the dropdown will show your profile. From here you can add in some details about your work history but also your own interests too.

Step 3: Have a strong profile picture

We know that the most successful support professionals have a good, clear and unfiltered profile picture. We suggest when taking your profile picture for the tappON platform follow the following steps. It should not be a selfie, get a friend or family member to take one for you. Think of it as an identification photo, but we recommend you smile!

Using your smartphone: if you have portrait mode in your camera you can use that. 

  • Stand in front of a wall – plain white looks best
  • Take a photo facing the camera front on, square shoulders

If you are not confident in taking an image please reach out to support@tappon.co to organise a time for a photo to be taken and we can help you out. We are here to support you and help you get in the best position possible.

Step 4: 
Still unsure; reach out to support@tappon.co and one of our team members would love to help you build a successful profile. Remember you can edit your profile at any point in time and if you gain a new skill, or qualification contact us by email with a copy of it so we can continually add to your profile.

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