Hobbies anyone can take up!

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Interested in taking up hobbies or a skill? Social and community participation is a new area within the NDIS that covers a wide range of activities. Your funding in this category means you have the ability to grab a Social Support Professional and start a brand new hobby or interest!

So, what can I do?

We came up with a list of new activities and hobbies you can take your tappON Social Support Professional to!

  1. Cooking classes – Fancy cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Why not go along to a day cooking class and learn how to make pasta or cook the best stir fry you’ve ever eaten. There are many classes around that would cater to your needs, simply call the centre before to check. 
Image Description: Man in a wheelchair sitting around a small table with 4 other people holding playing card and playing a game.
Image Description: Man in a wheelchair sitting around a small table with 4 other people holding playing card and playing a game.
  1. Learn to play poker or card games! – Get your thinking cap on and watch closely as you play cards with some friends! Card games are an awesome way to get the mind thinking and can help build attention to detail and critical thinking skills – plus they’re super fun! This is an awesome way to meet new people who share similar interests. Grab a Social Support Pro and head to your next local tournament. 
  1. Do some volunteer work! – At some point, you have probably interacted with or been at an event or activity that has had volunteers. Well, now is a great way to give back! Get in touch with the leading organisation relevant to your disability and ask if you can volunteer at the next event or activity. Why not help others in the same position as you and make lifelong friends along the way. 
  1. Gardening – Whilst this hobby can take a bit of time it certainly is rewarding! Nothing beats eating having a beautiful garden of flowers to look at and smell! There are lots of raised garden beds for those in chairs or mobility issues or community gardens you can join if you don’t have space at home. Gardening has proven to be ther[putic and can give one something to concentrate on for a few hours, not to mention how good it is for the body to be outside in the sun for a bit (with sun protection of course). 

Wollongong Community Gardens: https://www.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/my-community/sustainable-living/sustainable-food/community-gardens


Sutherland Shire Community Gardens: http://www.gm-uniting.org.au/garden.htm

How do I get started?

Taking up different hobbies is a great way to relieve boredom, engage thinking, to relax and most importantly meet new people and make new friends! 
Head over to https://about.tappon.co/social-community-support/ to read about how Social Support Professionals can help you find and start a hobby!

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