Exploring your NDIS funding beyond the necessities

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The implementation of the NDIS has allowed individuals to access a range of services, supports, and therapies helping to maintain and gain independence. NDIS Plans are related to individuals goals, and what they want to achieve throughout their life.

Many of these goals are about basic independence in the home and community and are related to services such as personal care, cleaning and gardening. Whilst there are essential services, for some other goals there are more creative ways this can be achieved. You may also want to begin thinking about exploring your NDIS funding beyond the necessities and look at what else you can achieve or try with your package.

The NDIS has allowed individuals to begin to be creative and you can begin exploring your NDIS funding by looking at your goals and what you want to achieve. Many participants have social and community connection related goals in their plan, and typically this would result in going out to cafes or shops together with a support worker. But in recent years we have seen participants explore different activities they can try to satisfy and meet this goal, such as dancing groups, sports groups, poker games and more. Explore what group activities you can try with Social & Community participation. 

Individuals on tappON have also accessed 1:1 services for social participation and connecting whilst connecting over a shared passion such as guitar or fishing. What is important is that you enjoy the activity and can directly relate it to your goals. 

A good step to take when looking at what different services you can try, a great activity to do is to list out all your goals then make a mind map of everything you can think of that might help with achieving that goal. Whether you think you might actually be interested in it or not. The point is to get your creative juices flowing for suggestions, which you can then check with your LAC or Support Coordinator about whether you can try that in your plan.

We encourage you to explore what kinds of activities and interests you have and then speak with your Support Coordinator, LAC or tappON team member about what services you can engage and match you with an appropriate Support Worker.

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