Difference between a Home Care Package Provider and a Service Provider

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Do you know what the difference is between a Package provider and a service provider when using your Home Care Package? Entering into a new scheme means having to learn a wide array of terms and terminology to navigate around, and sometimes it can get quite confusing. 

Throughout your journey using a Home Care Package there are 2 main types of ‘providers’ you may encounter.

A Package Provider is a business that supplies individuals with carers to assist in their daily living needs, but also works with individuals on managing their package. They typically receive the package funds from the government and hold the funds to manage an individual’s costs. They provide individuals with monthly statements and keep one updated on how much of their package they have spent.

Individuals are not obligated to book carers and support workers through the Package Provider that manages their funding if they don’t wish. 

A Service Provider is an individual or organisation that provides the direct service to someone on a Home Care Package. This can be any type of service such as personal care, allied health, social support or some domestic support. A Service provider is just referring to a business or individuals providing you the direct support. 

Service Providers (who are not Package Providers) do not have access or control over your funds. They supply your Package Provider with an invoice to pay for their services from your package. 

Individuals are more than welcome to use a mix of both Package Providers and Service Providers. You are not obligated to use the Package Providers recommended Service Providers if you don’t want to. Many individuals like searching and comparing different Service Providers to get a better match for their individual needs and their interests. 

If you’re interested in learning more about your choice of Service Providers and finding the right mix of providers for you, the tappON team can help.

Contact our team and we will organise a free session to teach you how to set a criteria and how to best select a provider for you. We want to ensure that all individuals have the education to access the right service providers for them.

You can learn more about your Aged Care journey at https://www.agedcare101.com.au/

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