Developing a COVID-safe plan

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In light of a constant sense of fear and uncertainty that we are all facing with COVID-19, many of our members have reported additional stress and concern in their daily lives. Developing your own COVID-safe plan for you and your family can help to manage stress.

Where possible, have supports that are needed take place through telehealth/virtual means. Other supports like gardening etc can be conducted in a contactless manner.

Top Tips for developing a COVID-safe plan.

  • NDIS core support funding can be now used to purchase PPE (personal protective equipment) including face masks
  • Limit exposure points; as humans we are social animals, can you incorporate virtual catch ups into your weekly supports 
  • Open and transparent communication with your support and healthcare team
  • Keep up to date with your local health authority for updates

If you want to download a COVID safe guide template to build with your team you can access one here: download my COVID-Safe plan

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of COVID, please get in touch with NSW Health for further information.

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