Carer Spotlight – Wendy from Wollongong

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Wendy is a personal care worker from Wollongong. She has been using tappON for about 3 months now, we sat down with her to discuss her journey to becoming a personal care worker.

So Wendy, explain to me what made you become a Carer? 

About 14 years ago I was eating my lunch (as I did every other day) in the lunchroom of my then workplace, reading the local paper, and thinking, is this it?

Strangely, I was diverted to an advert that leaped out, asking for personal carers.

Not nurses, just carers.

I immediately phoned the company and was very pleased to speak with the head honcho who was just as delighted that I had an interest in this position.

She said they didn’t want registered nurses, they didn’t want young guns, no ’new age’ people,  just someone like me, an ordinary (older) considerate person looking for ‘something different’.

I came in for a chat that afternoon and found that being a mature person, someone with people skills, someone who would listen to individuals without judgment, and someone who would be an advocate for people who were in need, was exactly what they wanted/needed.

I thought about this for a few days and decided to quit my cushy and comfortable job with sick leave paid holiday pay and go forth to a job that only paid me for the hours I worked.

I never looked back.

What do you find rewarding about your role?

Ever since I was a carer all those years ago, my philosophy was, if I ever needed a carer, I wanted one, just like me.

How do you practice self-care? 

This is a tough question.

I’ve never had a problem with physical fatigue, but I have always had an emotional attachment to every one of my clients, and especially their well being.

I need to be fit and healthy to be the best at what I do, and I make sure I am on top of my game.

Upon saying this, my job has impacted on my personal life, but in a high-quality way.

My granddaughter has known some of my clients and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the “ride”.

If anything, it has enhanced my family’s connection to me and to what I do.

My whole time as being a carer has made me grow to the person I am today.


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