Carer Spotlight – Kelly from Wollongong

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Kelly is a local support worker and has been with tappON since our beginning. We asked her about her life as a carer and why she chooses this line of work and what she gets out of it.

So Kelly, what made you become a Carer? 

My journey to becoming a carer began when I was injured at my previous job. I could no longer work in that profession so I was forced to look for other work. A friend worked as a carer and I started with the company she worked at doing short shifts. Within 5 months I was working full time and loving it. I still love it two years down the track.

We all know that this is an incredibly rewarding profession, what do you find the most rewarding thing about being a carer?

The most rewarding part of my role is knowing I am helping someone get on with their day. It’s very easy to take for granted getting up, showered, dressed and get out the door daily to go shopping, driving, and exercise. Some people need varied forms of assistance to do these things. That’s where I come in.
It gives me personal satisfaction knowing I can help others by doing for them what they cannot do for themselves.
Sometimes this can be a tough line of work, how do you practice self-care?
I practice self-care by not overworking or getting fatigued. Being. Carer requires focus. It can sometimes be physically and emotionally tiring so I make sure I get downtime, relax and nurture myself when not working.

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