Advocates & Leaders living with a disability

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International Day of People with a Disability is a date for recognition of the great achievements of individuals who are living with a disability and to raise the profile of the almost 4.3 million Australians who are living with a disability. 

Today also is used to raise awareness that more representation of disability is needed in media, music, arts, TV and that more places and people need to do their best to increase accessibility for types of disability. 

This year’s theme is ‘Persons with disabilities and their Leadership’ – so we put together a list of individuals in our community who are leading the way in strategy, business and local government who are doing great things for representation and leadership. 

Nas Campenella

Nas Campenella

An iconic voice on Triple J’s newsreader team Nas keeps listeners up to date with local and national news daily, one thing you may not be aware of though, she has been legally blind since she was 6. Nas is an advocate for those with a disability and in her spare time gives speeches to young kids with a disability encouraging them to not let anything get in the way if their dream career. 

Jordan Steele-John

Jordan Steele-John

Is an Australian Senator and member of the Green who has Cerebral Palsey. He is a significant advocate for disability rights in government and was a huge campaigner behind the Royal Commission into disability and was involved in the implementation of the NDIS. His aim is to be a voice for those with a disability and change things from the inside if government out. 

Anthony Mulholland

Anthony Mulholland

A recipient of the 2018 Awards for Disability Leadership in the Change Making section, has set up the website My Choice Matters and aims to make sure people with intellectual disability are heard and included. The disability rights movement is so much stronger for the changes Anthony has made towards a truly inclusive Australia. 

There are many many more individuals within Australia and around the world who are making a difference and displaying true leadership and advocacy for those living with a disability. 

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