Accessible Outdoor Activities

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Well, it’s been a big year hasn’t it? We have three weeks until Christmas and summer is well and truly on the way, so why not try some accessible outdoor activities? There’s a myriad of accessible beaches and water activities for you to try! 

Accessible Beaches

If you’re in Sydney or the Illawarra, then your best bets are South Cronulla Beach or Thirroul beach. Both of these beaches have accessible mats, making them an awesome spot for soaking up some sun if you’re in a wheelchair. Some local surf clubs even have beach wheelchairs available to loan, so definitely have a look and give it a go! You can find out more about accessible beaches here.

Organised Water Activities

The NSW Waterski federation actually have an accessible division, offering all individuals the chance to waterski and get around Australia’s beautiful waterways. Over the coming summer of 2021/22, they’ve indicated that they will be running sessions on the following dates:

Canberra: January 15, 2022

Manly Dam: February 26, 2022

Wisemans Ferry: March 12, 2022

Tweed River: March 26, 2022

It’s a great chance to give skiing a go, with fees being limited to a flat $30 for the day. You may be able to claim these under ‘social and community participation. Get in touch at their website to get involved! 

Accessible Bushwalks

One of our favourite national pastimes in Australia is bushwalking, and thankfully there’s no shortage of accessible bushwalks across New South Wales. Here are some our favourites:

Bungoona Lookout and Path

Located in the Royal National Park and suitable for a quick afternoon, the Bungoona Lookout is a 30 minute out-and-back paved path leading to a spectacular lookout across the Hacking River. It’s specifically designed to be wheelchair accessible, so you shouldn’t have any issues making the most of these views.

O’Hares Creek Lookout Walking Track

This is a 2.8km track, and is a bit more involved than the last track. It’ll be across both gravel and bitumen, however it’s level so provided there hasn’t been any rain you should be alright! There’s heaps of opportunities for birdwatching and seeing other wildlife, and some scenic views as you go! Definitely let someone know where you’re going, and bring a friend.

If you’re looking for assistance with these accessible outdoor activities, you can book any supports that you need right here, on tappON. Learn more about tappON here.

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