Accessible Bushwalking Tracks – NSW

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Looking to get back out in nature? Take in the environment around you, disconnect from the digital world simply enjoy this beautiful country? Why not go for a bush walk! NSW has some of the most stunning bush-walks in the country, from a coastal stroll to getting deep in the dense forestry – and more and more are being for accessible bushwalking!

We have found some walks that are accessible for everyone, including those with a disability or in a wheelchair. Plus, if you have a Companion Card your carer or support professional will not be charged entry to any parks.

Bungoona Lookout and Path

Located in the Royal National Park, Bungoona lookout and path offers fantastic scenic views of Hacking River, with picknicking and birdwatching. This 0.9km wheelchair accessible bushwalk is great for the whole family.

Jennifer Street Boardwalk

Located in La Perouse Jennifer Street Boardwalk is a short, wheelchair accessible walking track compromised on a boarded path that provides for an easy weekend walk. Only 0.7kms long this provides a great opportunity for a quick outdoors stroll.

Three Sisters Walk

Situated in the Beautiful Blue Mountains, this walk gives you stunning views of the iconic Three Sisters. Located around Katoomba, this is a short enjoyable and accessible walk.

Fairfax Heritage Walking Path

Another beautiful track in the Blue Mountains, Fairfax Heritage offers scenic lookouts to a waterfall over Grose Valley. This is a bit of a longer one at 1.8kms, so make sure you’re prepared!

O’Hares Creek Walking Track

Located in the iconic Dharawal National Park, near Appin. This is the longest of the walking tracks if you are something longer at a hefty 2.8kms.

NSW National Parks is constantly working on their accessible bushwalking tracks to allow greater accessibility to all. So keep updated on their site, where a more extensive list can be found: https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/access-friendly/access-friendly-walking-tracks.

If you’re looking to go on one of these walks, tappON’s Social Support Professionals can be of assistance. Have a look on the platform today or contact our Concierge Service staff for further assistance – https://about.tappon.co

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