Accessible beaches and tips For Going to the Beach!

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We all love going to the beach or another body of water when it’s hot. Even if you’re not swimming there can be something very therapeutic about being near water. However, for some individuals it can be physically inaccessible or very overwhelming – hence our focus on accessible beaches.

We think everyone should be able to enjoy some time at the beach, so we collated a list of accessible beaches and some awesome tips for your next visit to ensure you have a fun time! To find an accessible beach near you head to https://accessiblebeaches.com/directory or do some research and find a quiet beach that isn’t so populated.  

Going to the beach can seem like too much hassle, but sitting on the sand and listening to the waves crash is a summer staple.

When heading to the beach there are a few things you can do to prepare:
  • Try to wear loose clothing, preferably made of cotton. This will ensure its easy to remove as wanted but will dry quickly in the sun meaning you get warmer quicker. 
  • Get a Turkish towel – these towels dry very quickly, don’t hold sand and dry you very well. They also fold up very small and don’t take up much space.
  • Use an old sunscreen bottle to hide any valuables, just make sure you clean and dry it first!
  • Take a large cotton or linen towel, this can be used for quick coverups if changing or adjusting and add that sometimes need an extra layer of privacy. 
  • If going to the beach overwhelms you, try to visit it early in the morning. Its usually empty (except for the surfers!) and can be very peaceful and calming against a sunrise. 
  • If you hate sand sticking to you after you have left the beach and can access the showers, baby powder is a great way to get rid of it. Simply sprinkle some over your feet or hands, and wipe off with a towel. 

Heading to the beach this summer doesn’t have a big problem or an issue. By choosing the right beach for you, at the right time, means you can have a great time! 
If you require some assistance in heading to the beach this summer, you can use tappON to find and book a support professional.

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