Our Story

Why we're here

tappON’s founders Maryanne Harris and Daniel Hillyer have personally endured their way through a fragmented healthcare system. Following an accident on 2010, Daniel became a quadrepligic and and was thrown head first into a new way of living.

After years continually being pushed to fit someone else’s roster and struggling to find carers he could really connect with, Dan & his wife Maryanne decided to begin with their personal and professional experience and create an alternative way of finding and booking support. 

Using Dan’s personal journey and Maryanne’s 10 years of Aged Care experience, they began creating a solution that provides individuals with choice, flexibility, and customer experience.

What does tappON do?

tappON bridges the gap between individuals and support workers. Members connect with support professionals based on qualifications, skills, experience and interest. 

Using the discovery feature, members can search our online community and browse support professionals and small businesses. tappON’s easy to use booking system lets you request bookings either face to face or virtually.

tappON strives to provide a personalised service, ensuring every member and support professional is satisfied with their tappON experience. We aim to listen to every one of our community members, and help build a support system for your specific needs. 

Join a community that supports you

Our community helps connect you with Support and care workers based on more than just availability. 

Connect with support professionals based on qualifications, interests, skills, and hobbies. Meet new people from all walks of life and make meaningful and fun connections with qualified and experienced individuals. 

Daniel Hillyer

Customer Relations / Co Founder

Daniel is a qualified chef having spent over 12 years working in seafood kitchens across Sydney. He loves good food, great wine, and spending time entertaining his family and friends. 

Maryanne Harris

CEO / Co Founder

Maryanne has over 6 years experience in Aged Care management. 

She loves all things exercise, including bush walking, paddle boarding, and taking their 2 labradors to the beach.

Genevieve Reid

Growth Marketing 

Genevieve has spent the last 5 years working in healthcare marketing.

She loves spending time in the kitchen, scuba diving, and hanging out with her family. 

Some of the tappon TEAM

The tappON team brings a wealth of knowledge and a combination of 15 years in the industry, 8 years lived experience, and a professional suite of skills including healthcare management, growth marketing, over 10 years of development and security experience. 

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Passionate about helping others?

tappON is always looking for amazing people who are passionate about revolutionising our health experience. 

Look for help

tappON was designed for those who are looking for a home health solution. Sign up today to start searching local supports.